Whole Wheat Penne, 16 oz (454g)

LKR 750.00

Feed your family a healthy meal with this Whole Wheat Penne. It’s high in fibre and has a delicious flavour.

Size: 454 g (16 oz)

From: Arkansas, USA

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Whole Wheat Penne is a great addition to any wholesome meal. In just a few simple steps, you can cook a delicious and healthy pasta that the entire family will enjoy. You could use this hearty penne in a creamy macaroni and cheese or a refreshing pasta salad. To use it in a filling pasta skillet, you can add seasoned ground meat and smother with your favourite cheeses. This whole wheat macaroni product has 56 grams of whole grain per serving and is a high fiber food. It also has zero trans fat, saturated fat, cholesterol or sodium.

Enjoy Great Value Whole Wheat Penne with your meal today.

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