Hills Bros.® English Toffee Cappuccino Instant Coffee Mix, 16 Oz (453g)

LKR 2,790.00

Treat yourself to rich coffee house flavor. Warm up with a frothy cup. Chill with an ice-blended cappuccino.

From: Virginia, USA

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Hills Bros. Cappuccino is more than an average instant coffee, and you deserve a little more to celebrate life’s sweet victories, large and small. It could be a promotion at work, a child’s success, or just starting the day to another golden sunrise. Whatever your motivation, wake up with Hills Bros. English Toffee Instant Cappuccino cafe style drink mix. Go ahead, indulge yourself with the caramelized buttery, nutty, light coffee flavour that spares you the attitude. Hills Bros. Cappuccino will save you time for you to enjoy your way.