Hills Bros.® Sugar-Free French Vanilla Cappuccino Coffee Mix, 12Oz (340g)

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Treat yourself to rich coffee house flavor, without adding Sugar. Warm up with a frothy cup. Chill with an ice-blended cappuccino.

From: Virginia, USA

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Stir things up by adding hills bros cappuccino drink mix, instead of cream and sugar, to brewed coffee. Discover more ways to enjoy a cappuccino. Hills Bros. Sugar-Free French Vanilla Cappuccino adds a delicious twist to this traditional dessert. Makes about 28 servings.

Cappuccino: Measure 3 Tbsp of Hills Bros. Sugar-Free Cappuccino into a cup or mug. Carefully add 8 fl oz of hot water and stir fully.


For recipes, visit www.HillsBrosCappuccino.com.